Founded in 1996 by a local engineer and backed by local investors, the company was the first in the region to offer basic dialup Internet access to many towns in Southeast Kansas. Not long after, the company began implementing a custom DSL solution for local businesses needing high-speed Internet connections.

Rural customers still had no high-speed option and this led to the introduction of the first broadband wireless service in Southeast Kansas. Work began on building a high-speed wireless network system of interconnected transmission points.

In 2000, the company became the first to offer a private DSL service even before it was available from Southwestern Bell (now AT&T). Over the next few years, customer demand for Internet access grew rapidly. As technology improved, so did the services provided by the company. The wireless network expanded to over 40 transmission sites in six counties in Kansas and two counties in Oklahoma.

Beginning in 2007, the company was the largest independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Southeast Kansas. This also began a period of expansion, infrastructure build-out and network acquisitions. Subsequently, DSL service was offered in 40 states and the wireless network was improved to provide more saturated coverage yielding more reliable service. As the company grew, it introduced broadband wireless in northeast Oklahoma for the first time. In addition, live technical support was extended to 24/7.

Product diversification was also adopted during this period:

Web hosting, long a staple of the company, saw significant improvements as Valnet implemented the world’s leading control panel system, cPanel, offered site builder applications and an auto-installer system to install 330+ web applications to any customer website, all at no cost to customers.

Vault Secure Online Backup, a complete safe, secure online backup solution, was introduced.

Cloud Sync lets entire companies have access to any of their documents any time, anywhere and from any device.

Valnet continues to expand its products and its service area with the introduction of the “Total Mobility” suite of services including high-end broadband access, digital telephone service, Cloud Backup, Cloud Sync and a host of managed services. The approach provides customers with the convenience of a single vendor solution, typically at a cost savings of 30-50%. Valnet’s unique “Total Mobility” solution can even automatically send calls destined for an employee’s desktop phone directly to their cellphone, all without call forwarding or consuming minutes. In partnership with Cisco, the company provides superior call quality and reliability of its Cloud PBX service.

Thanks to customer demand for the innovative servicess it offers, Valnet’s future remains solid and bright.