Cloud Backup

How does Cloud Backup work?


Install a small Cloud Backup client software application on a computer to manage all data protection and restoration. After easily identifying what data to protect, Cloud Backup encrypts and compresses this data and then transfers a master copy to our cloud datacenter.

Our easy-to-use system lets you decide how often to backup and how many previous versions of your data to keep. Because only the changes or deltas of data are stored, very small amounts of storage are used to maintain many versions. Cloud Backup can even help you when data is destroyed by mistake and it will maintain copies of files you have deleted for the period of time you determine, preventing accidental deletions. Sooner or later, this valuable tool will come in very handy.

What you don’t get with Cloud Backup:

  • NO complicated backup procedures interrupting your daily business activities.
  • NO backup media to lose, misplace, or fail                                                                         .
  • NO required transportation of backup media to a remote storage facility.
  • NO lost sleep wondering if your backup will really help you if you need it.
  • NO silent data corruption.


Key Features of Cloud Backup


  • Unmatched encryption, security and data integrity protection.
  • Fully automated backups — backups take care of themselves.
  • Self-healing backup engine — our software automatically corrects for common problems with your operating system or network that would cause errors in other backup products.
  • Email notifications if your backups have warnings or errors.
  • FREE local backups — save money by using Cloud Backup for all backup needs; encrypted local backups let you restore data very quickly from your hard drive while maximizing data security.
  • Worry-free backup of open files through Microsoft VSS Support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and other server applications.
  • Flexible data retention policies for true point-in-time restores.
  • Visual selection of what data to backup.
  • Easy restore process – just follow the restore wizard to restore one, many, or all files.
  • Web access – instantly access your data anytime, anywhere using the web portal.
  • Low bandwidth requirements and adjustable bandwidth settings.
  • Powerful reporting, including disk usage graphs and disk usage analysis tools.
  • Audit trail – each and every backup includes a detailed electronic audit trail.
  • Integrated email archiving for the easiest and most reliable way to meet your needs.