Cisco Digital Telephones

  • Reliable business/home office use
  • Connects directly to Cloud PBX
  • Dual Ethernet ports to connect PC
  • Unsurpassed voice clarity
  • Expandable for an attendant
  • Unsurpassed voice clarity
  • Cisco quality and reliability


  • vMobile is treated as an extension on the Cloud PBX
  • Calls are NOT forwarded, so it’s not consuming minutes/channels
  • If you’re on WiFi, vMobile makes VoIP calls over WiFi
  • vMobile transparently roams from WiFi to Total Mobility over the cellular network and back again
  • vMobile saves you money

Voice Over IP

Using Voice Over IP technology, the Cloud PBX ties the various Valnet Total Mobility services together to serve your needs. Whether it’s remote workers telecommuting, attending a conference, working on temporary assignment or driving to the next appointment, Total Mobility is with you every step of the way.

Cloud PBX

A sophisticated and versatile system, Cloud PBX can be configured to meet your unique communication needs and requirements. The best part is that we do it all for you as a totally managed service.


Total Mobility vFAX is a solid TDM-based virtual fax solution. It is not Fax over IP. Our service is available in thousands of local rate centers nationwide including Toll Free at no additional cost. The Valnet Total Mobility vFax solution provides a complete inbound/outbound faxing solution without the need for a traditional fax machine. Outbound faxes can be sent using our robust browser-based FAX portal or directly from Microsoft Outlook. We also offer a stand-alone program to allow faxing directly from the desktop. All inbound faxes are received as Adobe PDF’s to your email address(s).